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Welcome to the gallery! Please enjoy browsing the children’s work and photos of school life.

QPIA PFA Summer Fayre 23rd June 2023

Coronation Day Assembly Friday 5th May 2023

A picture of our extended Library area, showing our books about different Religions

Winter Bazaar and Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomine - December 2022 - all years

Easter Egg Hunt

Once Upon a Time Ball

Preloved Teddy and Book Stall - Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Storyteller visits Reception on World Book Day - Thursday 3 March 2022

Christmas Party Day - Thursday 16 December 2021

Winter Bazaar - Tuesday 14 December 2021

Goldilocks, Adventures of a Porridge Thief - Wednesday 24 November 2021

Children In Need - Friday 19 November 2021

Reception Creature Teacher visit - Monday 15 November 2021

Skipping Workshops - June 2021

Forest School June 2021

Year One started their Forest school experiences this week on what was a very wet Monday. Foxes and Badgers did not let the rain ruin their fun as they searched for insects, discussed their features and made little bug homes (some were even 3D!). Everyone enjoyed their experience with one child saying, 

“I liked looking at my wiggly worm in my pot.” 

We look forward to seeing Hedgehogs and Otters sharing in the same enriching experiences next week.

With Forest school being such a great success, we hope to have more great experiences like this in our school next year… 

'Things that make me happy' Music Day - June 2021

Sam Mason, our musician in residence, has been working with the children in Year 1 and 2 to write and compose their own songs.  Year 1 wrote a song about Things that make me Happy', Year 2 focused on Laughter! The children had been rehearsing their songs in class and on Friday 28th May we ended our half-term with a day of music. Sam arrived in school with three professional musicians who all played brass instruments.  We had fascinating assemblies where we learnt about the instruments and heard them play. The pirate ship became a stage as we all enjoyed a lunchtime concert in the sunshine. But the highlight of the day for me was the finale...  The whole school came out into the playground in their bubbles, socially distanced, and performed their songs, with the musicians for one another.  The compositions themselves were fantastic, the joy on the faces of the performers was evident and it was lovely to be able to share in the music together.  

Mrs Wills

Jelly Bean Maths Day 21 June 2021

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May 2021



The Reception children had a surprise as they arrived at school today to find a spaceship had crash landed in the outdoor area.

Much discussion ensued about what had happened and how it had got there. Luckily, the crash landing had been captured on the school CCTV.


“I think it was the internet that had broken and then went haywire.”

“I can see a pipe, maybe that is where the fuel goes and the ship ran out.”

“Maybe we have to have another big look to see the alien and find footprints and then maybe the aliens are real.”

“ I  can see numbers 4446, I think it’s their number, aliens don’t have names, they have numbers.”


Inside there was a capsule containing a letter from an alien called Zoot. He introduced himself and asked the children if they would like to write to him.


Keep your eyes peeled Reception children because we think Zoot may still be in the school grounds…………….


Please visit the 'Video Resource' page on our website to see if you can find Zoot in the 'Unexpected Visitor' section.


Please see the letters below for some out of this world communication from Zoot!


Out of this world!

 A truly cosmic grand finale to our Space topic took place today in EYFS, as all eyes gazed upwards to view the starry night of our visiting planetarium! 


Who would think that during the course of an hour, you could go on an expedition to the Moon, a voyage to the red planet Mars as well as touching down to get a taste of life on the International Space Station!


The children benefitted greatly from this interactive experience, consolidating and building on their knowledge of our Universe. It was a delight to hear the comments of the children ‘I liked to see all the stars making a pattern’ said one child as he remarked on the constellations.  Another child stated,  ’We learned that the moon is made of rock… not cheese!’


The Planetarium is a local based company called Science Dome, based in the Royal Arcade, Boscombe. It has lots of fun science learning on offer for young children that is worth checking out!  


For more information please visit


Jelly Bean Maths a guide for Parents.mp4

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1st week back after Lockdown

World Book Day - Thursday 4th March 2021

Chaos in the Year 1 Classrooms...                        November 2020


As the teachers and children arrived at school on Monday they were greeted with a range of unusual sights.
Miss Horne had to cordon off an area around her sink as the tap had been left running and caused a small flood. What was strange though, was a trail of wet and muddy paw prints leading away from the scene... 


Mrs Wills found a table and chairs all knotted together with wool that was woven in and around the legs. 


Mr Waller had left a clean and tidy classroom on Friday night but came in to find Polydron and Lego tipped over his classroom floor and tables. 


 Miss Lucas had to clear up bird seed that had been knocked over and scattered across the classroom carpet. It really was a mystery.



Mrs Blanchard shared the photos across the year group in the Year 1 assembly so we saw the extent of the chaos across the year group.  We then heard about another finding in the glass corridor.  



An array of muddy prints outside, inside and up the window.  The children looked very carefully and decided that the prints were not all from the same animal.  Could it be that we'd had a 'break-in' over the weekend? 

Children spent the morning inspecting the clues and writing questions that they needed answering. 


Sensory walk with a Surprise!


The Year 1 children came to school with their wellies today, all ready for a sensory walk in the school grounds.  A beautiful map was delivered to the classrooms and we set off to follow the trail.



Following on from our work on senses last half-term, we focused on using our ears, eyes and feet to listen, see and feel all the different sensations as we made our way around the route.


The children used lovely descriptive language to describe the crunching leaves, the cold, wet spray, the deep, squelchy mud, the cracking, snapping branches and the cold, sparkling snow-covered trees.  The mood changed slightly when we approached the dark, gloomy cave... but after a sneak peek inside, the children were thrilled to find a friendly, hand-painted bear to finish our trail.



Lots of laughter, smiles and descriptive language as we returned to our classrooms to take off our muddy wellies. 


The children will be writing about the Bear Hunt and later on, creating their own adventure stories.


We can't wait to see what they produce.

It has been Arts week at home and in school, send photos of your work to your teacher and we can see all our creative ideas. Reception looked at the work of Eric Carle, Year 1 looked at the work of Lauren Child and Year 2 looked at the work of Axel Scheffller. Keep looking back as we add more photos.
As you can see the adults in school have been busy reading in the holidays. Keeping looking back to see what other interesting things the others have read. There are more photos to come...
Celebrating Home Learning 2020

Look how busy you've been! Home Learning 18th - 31st May 2020

Lots of lovely learning to look at - Home Learning - 11th - 17th May

VE 75 Celebrations

Another busy week of home learning - 4th - 10th May

A new life skill

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Emily in Kingfishers learning how to ride her bike

Oscar's Programmable Lego Robot

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Great excitement as Oscar's robot shows off what it can do. Oscar has built and programmed his robot.

The teachers have loved seeing how busy you've all been at home. 27th March - 3rd May 2020

April 2020 Some of the lovely home learning you have sent to your teachers over the last few days. We have all loved hearing from you. Thank you!

April 2020

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Chloe (Wrens) ice experiment, so much for a scientist to see.