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Year 1

Year 1 Sports Day 6th July 2023

Let's Get Buzzy!

Children in Year 1 have been learning about writing instructions
Following on from our Museum trip earlier this term, we created instructions to show how we made traditional lemonade. 
We drew a class text map to help us recall the sequence, the time conjunctions and some of our bossy verbs too. 

Talk4Write Text Map

Coming back after our half-term holiday we wrote another set of instructions.  This time we didn't have a text map to support us, just our knowledge of instructions and the learning we had done before.  Mrs Edwards did an assembly all about her bee keeping.  She bought in some of her home-grown honey and we talked her through how to make a honey sandwich.  We then came back to our classes and wrote our own instructions independently.


If you would like to see our 'Hook' assembly and learn a little more about bees then go to our Children's tab and visit the Video Resource Centre.

Year 1 Visit to St Francis Church December 2022