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Respecting Aspiring Persevering



 We will provide a wide range of opportunities and experiences that encompass our core values of respect, perseverance, and high aspirations.  We will develop happy, independent, confident and determined learners who are able to communicate well and have the ability to think critically and share their thoughts and ideas.





The curriculum in Reception 

Throughout their time in Reception your child will experience an ambitious curriculum, which is designed in a sequential way to ensure readiness for Year One.  Our curriculum encompasses all the things that we want our children to experience, know and be able to do by the end of their reception year.  We provide an enabling environment with rich learning opportunities.  Adults have the flexibility to be responsive to children’s emerging interests and learning and development needs.  This is reflected in the organisation of the day where there are periods of sustained, uninterrupted play to encourage in-depth exploration, as well as structured sessions where the children come together and are guided and taught by an adult.  Children have equal access to the inside classroom and outdoor learning environment throughout the day.  



Our Aspirations


Aspiration 1: 

To be able to regulate their behaviour and talk about their feelings using the zones of regulation


Aspiration 2:  

To be active and creative learners who persevere in the face of challenges

Aspiration 3:

To celebrate diversity within the classroom and wider community

Aspiration 4:

To be able to express myself and communicate my thoughts, actions, ideas and feelings in many different was

Aspiration 5:

To be able to talk about important events in my own life and retell a favourite story in my own way.


Aspiration 6:

To show curiosity in everyday opportunities, to talk about and apply a deepening mathematical knowledge in meaningful contexts. 


At the end of the reception year there is a statutory assessment of children’s development. Each child’s level of development is assessed against 17 early learning goals across all 7 areas of learning. The main purpose is to support a successful transition into year 1 and is based on a holistic view of what the children can demonstrate against each learning goal.


These are the early learning goals in each of the 7 areas of learning