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Who's Who

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Queen’s Park Infant Academy provides high quality education and care for pupils aged 4-7

 years old and the school is currently organised into 12 single-age classes.


The following information is for the current Academic Year 2021-22:


Mrs T. Edwards

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Headteacher and Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Miss A. Donald

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Anti-bullying Champion


Reception Teachers

Mrs S. Adeney

Year Leader

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Kingfishers Class

Mrs C. Cooper

Robins Class

Mrs R. Hodson

Mrs K. Jackson

Wrens Class

Mr D. Spokes

Swallows Class

Reception TAs

Mrs C. Hopkins

Kingfishers         First Aider

Mrs E. Puddy


Mrs P. Lynch

Robins              First Aider

Mrs P. Mahoney

Mrs E. Ironside

Swallows          First Aider


Year 1 Teachers

Mrs K. Wills

Year Leader

Hedgehogs Class

Miss H. Horne

Otters Class

Mr D. Waller

Foxes Class

Miss M. Lucas

Online-Safety Champion

Badgers Class


Mrs. L. Ritchie

Year 1 TAs

Mrs L. Truesdale AM


Mrs M. Arrowsmith


Mrs A. Cox 

Mrs P. Bletcher


Mrs R. Osborne 

Year 2 Teachers

Mrs C. Bennett

Year Leader

Pine Class

Mrs K. Durrant

Beech Class

Mrs S. Sherry

Willow Class

Miss G. Hardman

Oak Class

Mrs H. Mansell

Year 2 TAs

Mrs M. Witheridge


Mrs Y. Gowda


Mrs A. Vakatawa


Mrs S. Green 

Individual / Group Support

Mrs S. Baxter

Speech and Language support. First Aider

Mrs K. Brindle

Mrs E. Rowland-Jones 
Mrs L. Mayne 
Mr S. Ponchaud 

Mrs H. Rahman


Mrs S. FieldFirst Aider

PPA Staff

Miss J. King


Miss M. Boccia


Nurture Group Provision – Sunflower Group

Miss A. Donald


Mrs T. Parker


Family Support Worker

Mrs T. Parker


Administration Staff

Mrs R. Harris

Office Manager

Mrs M. Seraphin

Admin Officer

Mrs A. Akerman

             Admin Officer

Mr M. Warriner


After School Provision Manager – Bee Happy

Miss  P. Abel