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Therapy dog

Welcome Ru

our school therapy dog.


Hello, my name is Ru (short for Strudel). You will notice I'm grey and have a white(ish) beard. I am a girl and I'm only 5 years old. My mum is a schnauzer cross miniature poodle and my dad is a miniature schnauzer so I guess that makes me a Schnoodle (a mixed breed).


I'm new to volunteering as a PETS AS THERAPY (PAT) dog but love attention from small people and can't wait for the new term to start so you can come and read to me. I will love to snuggle up next to you and have my head or chest stroked as I like plenty of attention. My person will be bringing me to see you all and her name is Karen. We look forward to meeting you in school.


Ru's role


Ru will be part of the team when she visits and will meet lots of children around school. In her therapy role, Ru will spend time with specific children alongside her owner Karen and Mrs Parker. These sessions may involve a walk around the grounds or reading to Ru. If your child is selected by their class teacher, you will receive a letter detailing the session and asking for your permission before we start.



Happy Retirement Jake

July 2023




Many of you will have met our therapy dog Jake who has been visiting the school for the last two and a half years.

Sadly, Jake will be retiring from his role at the end of this Summer term. He has worked with many children across the school and has really enjoyed getting to know everyone. Jake will be 10 years old in September (which is nearly 60 years old in human years) and is now looking forward to his retirement. 


As a school we have seen the huge value that having a regular therapy dog in school provides and are really pleased that we will continue to work with the Pets as Therapy charity. We have a new therapy dog ‘Ru’ joining us in September with her owner Karen. Ru, Karen and I will work closely together to provide reading and wellbeing sessions for the children.


Mrs Parker





If you want to find out more information about Pets as Therapy charity please have a look at their website


Research shows that therapy dogs can reduce stress, provide social and emotional support and a sense of well-being in young children. A thorough risk assessment and specific insurance has been put in place to facilitate this activity. You can see the risk assessment below.