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Local Governing Body

The Local Governing Body is currently comprised of: 10 Governors – comprising


1 x Chief Executive Officer (Head Teacher) - Staff

1 x Chair of Governors / Co-opted Governor

4 x Co-opted Governors including 1 vacancy

2 x Staff Governors

2 x Parent Governors



The main task of the LGB is to provide overall governance for the direction of the school.  They report to the Coastal Learning Partnership Board.   Board of Governors has legal responsibilities which are, broadly, these;


  • set strategic direction for the school 
  • follow the Trust's Scheme of Delegation
  • establish appropriate panels and committees in line with Trust requirements
  • helping to establish (with the Head Teacher) the aims and policies of the school and how educational standards can be improved
  • establish the principles on which the conduct of the school is based
  • recommend the appointment of the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher
  • provide appropriate levels of accountability to the Leadership Team
  • approve and monitor the School Development Plan
  • monitor the budget approved by the Trust
  • ensure that Religious Education is taught and the agreed Curriculum is taught
  • draw up an action plan, after inspection, and ensure that it is monitored effectively
  • ensure that the Human Rights Act is not infringed
  • ensure Health & Safety practices are followed
  • ensure that rigorous Child Protection procedures are used, that Safer Recruitment is effectively implemented and that the Prevent Agenda is understood within the school


The whole LGB meets monthly each term.  Committees meet as necessary, to carry out their duties.  All Governors can be contacted through the school.


A register of pecuniary interests is performed annually and obtained when a new Governor joins. Any business interests are declared at each meeting.


The structure of the LGB is shown below


  • Mrs T Edwards – Head Teacher/Chief Executive Officer
  • Mrs S Varley - Chair of Governors / Co-opted Governor
  • Miss A Donald – Deputy Head Teacher/ Appointed Staff Governor
  • Miss M Lucas -  Staff Governor
  • Rev J Nightingale - Co-opted Governor
  • Mr J Travell - Co-opted Governor
  • Mr C Andrew - Parent Governor.  Retired 27 May 2022
  • Mrs R Ford - Parent Governor
  • Mrs A Brocklesby - Co-opted Governor  


Governor pen portraits


  • Tracey Edwards - Head Teacher  

Term of office - 01.09.16 to present

I am very happy to say that I have been Head Teacher at Queen's Park Infant Academy since September 2016. Before this time I was the Deputy Head Teacher at Stourfield Infant School in Southbourne. I have been teaching since 1993 and have been working in Bournemouth since 1996. I am passionate about high quality teaching experiences that motivate, nurture and inspire all young children to achieve their very best. I will always want to put the interests of the children first. I value team work and the commitment and enthusiasm that makes this the best it can be.  I am married to Gareth and we now live in West Moors where my rather long garden, including vegetable patches, keeps me busy.



  • Sue Varley -  Chair of Governors - Co-opted Governor 

Term of office - June 2016 to present

I spent an enjoyable year volunteering each week in Kingfishers class in Reception before then taking on the role of a parent governor in June 2016. A qualified physiotherapist, I have a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and work part-time as a Service Improvement Project Manager in the NHS.  I look forward to working as part of the Governing body to make QPIA the best it possibly can be, enabling every child to achieve their potential.  


  • Michelle Lucas - Staff Governor

Term of office - 18.09.17 to present

I have been working full time at Queen’s Park Infant Academy since September 2010. I graduated in 2000 having trained in Southampton, I began my career in the city then have worked in Bournemouth since 2002. I have experience of serving as a Governor in a Bournemouth school. I believe that school should be a place where children are nurtured and inspired through the teaching and learning experiences they are involved in. I value working as part of a team with all the advantages that this brings. In my spare time I enjoy listening to a wide range of music styles, both live and on the radio, and in recent years I have begun sewing again; a skill learnt from my Grandmother when I was a child.



  • Rev’d  Jenny Nightingale - Member, Co-opted Governor

Term of office - 17.12.19 to present

It’s a real privilege to be a local governor for Queen’s Park Infant Academy.  I have lived in Bournemouth since 2007 working first as Chaplain to The Bishop of Winchester Academy and now as Priest-in-Charge to the local Church of England church across the road (St Francis of Assisi) and Area Dean to Bournemouth.  I am married to Charles and we have three grown up children and one grandson.  I love being part of school life, working previously as a youth worker and school chaplain in Wolverhampton our ‘home’ town.  Education is a huge opportunity for everyone and I’m a great believer in lifelong learning. Young children particularly have an enthusiasm and curiosity for life which our schools can support them in exploring.  I am a creative person and enjoy trying all sorts of crafts from papermaking to crocheting and playing guitar, keyboard and flute.   I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all.   



  • Jonathan Travell Member, Co-opted Governor

Term of office - 17.12.19 to present

I am a Senior Business Designer working for Nationwide Building Society. My role is to help guide businesses in improving processes, products, services and software through data analysis as well as looking at business models and how a business integrates with technology. I am excited to be bringing my 13 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry to the QPIA governing body.   On a selfish note, I am a proud dad to two young boys with the oldest just starting in Reception year, and I am looking forward to working alongside the rest of the board in enabling QPIA to run as effectively as possible and support our very capable teachers in providing excellent education to all our kids. 



  • Chris Andrew - Parent Governor.  Retired 27 May 2022

Term of office - 01.06.21 to present

I am Director and Founder of my own business 'Fraudology Ltd' providing insurance fraud and financial crime consultancy services and currently fulfil a contract position as Global Head of Insurance for a Toronto-based scale-up business providing Artificial Intelligence counter fraud technology and automation solutions. Collectively, I have 28+ years’ experience in global insurance fraud and financial crime leadership, management, strategy, sales, operations, investigations, consulting and technology including 9 years’ police service and 2 years with what is now the National Crime Agency.   On a personal note, I am an incredibly proud father and single parent to a little boy who is currently in Reception at QPIA. Originating from Wales, I'm relatively new to Bournemouth and in my spare time I exercise frequently in the form of CrossFit, gym and yoga and embrace the great outdoors whenever possible in terms of cycling, hiking and mountaineering.  I am relishing the opportunity to work with the Local Governing Body to support the provision of overall governance for the direction of the school. I'm incredibly passionate about children being given the best educational and learning opportunities and am looking forward to supporting the school over the next few years in delivering against their passionate vision to create an inclusive, nurturing school, which excites a love of learning.



  • Rachael Ford - Parent Governor

Term of office - 01.06.21 to present


I joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor in 2021.  It is a privilege to support the school develop and maintain high levels of provision for our children at QPIA.  I am the link Governor for Special Educational Needs and Pupil Premium Grant, responsible for helping ensure the school gives every child the opportunity to grow and reach their potential.  I work as a consultant anaesthetist locally.  My medical background brings an understanding of child health and many transferable skills to the role.  I have 3 children, one of whom is currently at QPIA.  In our spare time we love having adventures in our campervan.



  • Alexandria Brocklesby - Member, Co-opted Governor

Term of office - 11.05.21 to present

I am an engagement project officer working full time for the National Trust; working on numerous projects to support local communities, businesses and visitors within Purbeck and Dorset to improve health and wellbeing, get active and connect to nature. My job is about working strategically, creating and embedding positive change and building relationships - skills I bring to my role of governor at QPIA.   Brought up in South East London, West Africa and Reading, I'm not from Bournemouth but spent many happy childhood summers here. I now live locally and am parent to two children at QPIA



If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors please send correspondence to the following address:


School Office

Queen's Park Infant Academy

East Way





or send an email enquiry to 


Staff Dismissal

  • Mr J Travell
  • Mrs S Varley
  • 1 vacancy


Staff Dismissal Appeal

  • Rev J Nightingale


Pupil Discipline & Exclusion

  • Mrs S Varley
  • Rev J Nightingale


Head Teacher's Performance Management

  • Mrs S Varley
  • Rev J Nightingale


Pay Committee

  • Mr J Travell
  • 1 vacancy



  • Mrs S Varley
  • Mrs T Edwards
  • Mr J Travell


Link Governors


Safeguarding & Child Protection

  •  Rev J Nightingale


Special Educational Needs/PPG & Disadvantaged

  • Mrs R Ford



  • Mr J Travell


Equalities & Diversity

  • Mrs A Brocklesby


Health & Safety

  • Mr C Andrew  (retired 27 May 2022)


Governor Training

  • Mrs S Varley


Clerk to Governors


Governors Meeting Attendance Data as of March 2021


100% Mrs Tracey Edwards

100% Mrs Sue Varley

80% Mrs Jennifer Ledun

100% Mrs Fran Blanchard

100% Miss Michelle Lucas

100% Mr Yasutomo Hunter (RETIRED)

100% Mr Jon Travell

100% Rev Jennifer Nightingale

Governors Meeting Attendance Data as of May 2020


100% Mrs Tracey Edwards

80% Mrs Val Green (RETIRED)

100% Rev Margaret Evans (RETIRED)

86% Mrs Sue Varley

50% Mrs Jennifer Ledun

100% Mrs Fran Blanchard

100% Miss Michelle Lucas

50% Mr Yasutomo Hunter

50% Susan Cousins (RETIRED)

100& Mr Jon Travell

100% Rev Jennifer Nightingale

Governors' Meeting Attendance Data as of March 2019


100%   Mr Raf Frias Robles

100%   Mrs Tracey Edwards

60%     Mrs Val Green

78%     Rev Margaret Evans

60%     Mrs Jennifer Ledun

86%     Mrs Sue Varley

100%   Mrs Fran Blanchard

67%     Miss Michelle Lucas