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What makes our school special?

                                          We asked the children……..     


What makes our school special? 


We have nice friends .  We make friends inside our class and in other classes.     


There are a few clubs after school - there is French Club, Bee Happy Club and Hobby Clubs in Year 2.There is Dance Club and Multi Skills Clubs                                                                                           


Our school is big, so we have lots of room for activities inside and outside.                        


We have fun! And lovely play times, especially now we have playground buddies and our own Pirate Ship!                                   

We have lovely teachers that look after us, and our Site Manager Mr Warriner.                                 

We love maths.                                                                                                            

We enjoy all school work.                                                                                            

We grow fruit and vegetables.                                                                                              

 We get to play tennis and football with Coaches.                                                            

Fruit and story.                                                                                            

We like the climbing frame outside our Reception classroom.                                                           

Football at lunchtime.                                                                              

Our uniform, which shows our school.                                                     

Joined-up writing.                                                                    

Our visitors are lovely, like the double-bass man and dancing.                                            

Our displays and Art Week.                                                                         

Sunflower Group helps us with our friendships.         

Our trips; Blashford Lakes, HMS Victory and Longdown Dairy Farm.


What helps us achieve good learning?

Good listening and making good choices.

Good thinking.

Topic work.

Careful work.

Maths work!

Good teachers.

Learning our spellings.

Listening to the teachers.

Our teachers help us with our spellings and our learning.

Handy helpers take responsibility for jobs.

School Councillors.

Displays around the classroom help us learn.

Putting our hands up to answer questions.

The "next step" pencils on display remind us what to use in our writing.

The classrooms have everything we need.

Our friends help us.

Sunflower room is a good place to learn - we tell our names to each other so we are not strangers.... We learn about emotions and stories.


July 2019