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Life Education Visit - Tuesday 20th - Thursday 22nd February.

We are excited to announce that the Life Education & SCARF team will be visiting all year groups at QPIA from Tuesday 20th - Thursday 22nd February.


The children’s charity Coram Life Education provides Health and Wellbeing Education support to schools. Workshops are delivered by a skilled educator from the SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship) team.


Workshops – Life Education


There are three different fun, interactive and age-appropriate hour long workshops. Each of them aims to help children to understand the importance of physical and emotional health; they learn vital life-skills that are known to help their overall achievement.


  • Reception.  Theme: All about Me. Children learn that there is mental as well as physical health and learn about diet, exercise and basic personal hygiene.


  • Year 1.  Theme: My Wonderful Body. Children learn that their body gets energy from food and that exercise and sleep are important for our health.



  • Year 2. Theme: Feelings. Children learn to recognise, name and manage their feelings and understand the importance of being a good friend.


Harold the giraffe and his friends are looking forward to seeing you all!