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Reception Sept 2023

Important information about ordering School Lunches


Dear Parents & Carers,


We are delighted to announce that from September 2023 we will be providing hot school meals for the pupils at Queen’s Park Infant Academy and welcome your children to explore our exciting menu which has been specifically designed to cater for young children.
Please see below for the Hot Lunch Menu which runs until October 2023 Half Term and the Chartwells Online Ordering Guidelines booklet. School meal orders can be placed via the Dorset Meal Selector website: Dorset Meal Selector | Home


The Reception children will stay for lunch from the week beginning Monday 18th September 2023.


The online guide describes the process on how to register and place your hot meal orders for week commencing 18th September 2023 and beyond please note that you will need to place your order by midnight on Sunday 3rd September 2023.
If you miss the order deadline please order lunches from the next possible available date and send your child into school with a packed lunch from home until then.


You will be able to access the online system at the end of July 2023 to allow you to place meal orders for the new term.
Children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 are automatically entitled to receive Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM). On average the saving when switching to school meals is approximately £400 per year.
We recommend that you book meals for the whole term to ensure meals have been ordered without having to remember to book them on a weekly basis. Please note that there are 3 options daily and the menu runs on a 3-week cycle, should your child prefer a different meal after trying what is booked for them, you can easily alter this on our website as long as it is in line with our 14 day cut-off.


We also offer Medical Diet meals covering all 14 EU Allergens.


If you have any questions or require any assistance, please email us at:
Thank you

Chartwells: Online lunch Ordering Guide

Chartwells: Lunch Menu



Welcome to our

New Reception Children


A happy school, learning, caring, succeeding together.


Respecting, Aspiring, Persevering.



We are delighted to hear that your son or daughter has been offered a place to join us in September and we are really looking forward to welcoming them to our school.

Once you have formally accepted a place with us, you will receive further information. This will include details of your child’s class, Stay and Play and part-time sessions.

Part-time sessions are planned in relation to your child’s date of birth.

We hope that this information can be with you during the week beginning Monday 26th June.



WELCOME EVENING - This meeting is for parents only.


          Kingfishers & Swallows                         Robins & Wrens

Tuesday 4th July 7pm                            Wednesday 5th July 7pm


This is for parents of all our new Reception children – time for you to find out more about your child’s first year in school. The meeting starts at 7pm and lasts no longer than an hour.  



School Induction – Summer Term


‘Teddy Bears Picnic’


Your child and a grown-up are invited to come and meet your class teacher for a ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ in our nursery garden.  You can bring your favourite teddy bear or cuddly toy.             


Wednesday 12th July     09:30 – 10:15 Robins

10:45 - 11:30 Wrens


Thursday 13th July         09:30 – 10:15 Kingfishers

10:45 - 11:30 Swallows


You will be given an appointment time for your school induction at the Teddy Bears Picnic.


School Induction – Autumn Term     


Individual Visits            Tuesday 5th to Fri 8th September -

a special, individual appointment for YOU and YOUR CHILD to meet the teacher and teaching assistant to share information and talk about your child.  (30 minutes)


This appointment is at school, it is not a home visit.




In early September, when the children start school – there will be a mixture of small group sessions and part-time days before going full-time on – Monday 18th September

This enables us to introduce 15 children to the class and establish the routines and organisation in a small group. 



Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th September - Classroom Stay & Play


You and your child are invited to visit your child’s class on either Monday 11th or Tuesday 12th September for an hour in the morning or the afternoon. This visit is an important introduction for your child to meet the class teacher and experience some of the activities in the classroom.  Please leave your child to stay and play. You will be able to have refreshments in the main school hall and meet other new parents.


Wednesday 13th September to Friday 15th September – Part-time


  • Morning sessions are from 8.45am to 11.15am


  • Afternoon sessions are from 12.40pm to 3.10pm



Monday 18th September children will attend school full time from 8.45am – 3.10pm.


From this date the children will attend, school full time. However if you feel that your child is not yet ready for full time and in joint discussion with the class teacher children may continue to attend part time. If this is the case children will be collected before lunch at 11.50am.


Monday 2nd October - All children will be full-time.




Please ring the school office on 01202 528805 or alternatively email us on if you have any queries, or need further help.