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School Council

At Queen’s Park Infant Academy we have an active School Council. During the Autumn term each Year 1 and Year 2 class elect a School Councillor representative in a secret ballot. The School Councillor elected then represents the class for a period of one year. Reception hold their elections at the end of December and their representatives join the meetings at the beginning of the Spring term and become their class's representative until the end of the summer term.

   The School Councillors meet regularly together with Mrs. Barrett and members of the school leadership team to discuss different projects, many of which are linked to whole school development plans. Other teaching staff, or governors may join the meeting as necessary, depending on the focus of the project. The agenda is handed out at the beginning of each meeting and any findings from class discussions are shared with the group.

   The meetings may focus on topics such as; Do you feel happy and safe at school? How can we make our school an even happier place? What charities could we support this year?

   Members will feed back to their classmates on topics discussed in the meetings. The councillors will often have information to collect on their class’s views and ideas, which they then come prepared to share at the next meeting. These meetings give the children the opportunity to let adults know their feelings and opinions on things that affect them. It also enables them to have a say about decisions made in school, while letting them play an active role in making their school a better place.

   We look forward to sharing the School Council’s activities with you throughout the year.

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School Council update Autumn 2017


This term the new school councillor's have already been busy in their new role.  After helping organise the distribution of this year's Poppy Appeal they have been interviewing their class to find out where they feel most safe in school.  The children looked at key areas in school grounds including areas like the classroom, playground, cloakrooms and corridors.  The school councillor's will now be looking at the results together and seeing if there are any trends throughout the school.  The councillor's and their class will then be generating ideas to help improve the school in the future and address any problems that arise.  We look forward to sharing their findings and our future plans.


We are pleased to announce that our new Reception School Councillors will be:


Jesse Strowger - Wrens

Sergio Zakarias Brasini - Robins

Apple Zhong - Swallows

Dhwani Koushik - Kingfishers

School Council update - Spring 2017

The school council has been looking at what makes this a happy and safe school. Here are some of the things the children from their classes shared with them:

“The teachers are always there for you when you need them” Cameron

“I feel happy in the playground because there is lots of space” Jasmin

“I like the lunches because they are yummy” Holly

“The children liked the classroom as it was fun and they were able to learn well with their friends.” Esme

“It’s a happy place in the allotment. We love growing things” Emilia

Following on from this work the school council have decided to re-establish the playground buddy system. The councillors think this would help to make sure everyone has a happy playtime and someone to play with. They are currently making plans to train the buddies and are compiling a list of things they need for the finance manager. Watch this space for future updates on their progress.

School Council Update: Playground Buddies

In the Spring term the school council worked hard to follow through with their plans to establish playground buddies at break times. They wrote a letter to Mrs Edwards and the School Business Manager, Mrs White, to ask for a new buddy stop, as well as bibs and hats so the newly appointed buddies could easily be seen on the playground. The school council also held an assembly to introduce their ideas to the whole school and have helped train the buddies ready to help any children who need a friend at playtime. Each class has four playground buddies and the four buddies from one Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 class will be the buddies each week. The school council felt it was important for the children to still get time to play with their own friends, so after one week the buddies pass the bibs to the next class so each class will get a turn and the other children get a chance to play. The selected playground buddies will continue in their roles to the end of the academic year. We look forward to sharing the new buddies experiences as they take on their new roles.

Mrs Barrett on behalf of the School Council