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Year 2

Beech Class Home Learning - 28th September 2020


Please find below the Power points for the home learning for Beech Class for week beginning 28th September 2020.



Hello again. We have really enjoyed seeing and hearing about so much of the work that you have been doing at home. It’s good to know that many of you have also been learning to do really great things like riding bikes, cooking, water sports, growing flowers and vegetables, and finding out about local wildlife.

We have four weeks to go before the end of term – we know it has been a long time working at home, but keep going, you have done so well and we are very proud of you all. Remember, lots of fresh air and outdoor activities are really important too! Keep watching out for the weekly Maths and don't forget about the Bug Club and Education City.

You can also use any of the links we have put on our website and the wealth of online teaching, e.g. Oak Academy, BBC Bitesize, that has been designed to support teachers and families at this time. Keep enjoying your learning…..

Year 2 Celebration Song PROJECT

Year 2 Celebration Song


Thank you for all the lovely replies you sent in in response to our music home learning project.  Sam has taken all of your wonderful memories and ideas and used them to compose a song especially for you.  We now need to work together to create our end of year, celebration song performance.  You can find two music clips below.  One is Sam singing the song for you to listen to, sing along with and learn.  The words are also below in a Word document so you can print them out to read and follow along.  Once you are happy you know the tune we need you to practise singing it without Sam singing; the other music clip is just the piano accompaniment.  What I'd love you to do is video yourself singing the song along to the piano accompaniment and send the video clip back to your class teacher so they can pass it on to me.  I am then going to use parts of each video to create a collaborative recording of the song.

It would be great if you could try and get this done over the weekend if at all possible as I'd love to be able to put the video together ready for the end of term.

Any problems just drop an e-mail to your class teacher and they'll be able to help, or can forward it on to me.


Have fun, smile and sing out wink


Mrs Wills

Piano and Vocals - Year 2 Celebration Song

Listen and sing along with Sam to help learn the tune.

Piano Accompaniment Only - Year 2 Celebration Song

Play this track and record yourself singing along.