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Year 1

Chaos in the Year 1 Classrooms...


As the teachers and children arrived at school on Monday they were greeted with a range of unusual sights.
Miss Horne had to cordon off an area around her sink as the tap had been left running and caused a small flood. What was strange though, was a trail of wet and muddy paw prints leading away from the scene... 

Mrs Wills found a table and chairs all knotted together with wool that was woven in and around the legs. 

Mr Waller had left a clean and tidy classroom on Friday night but came in to find Polydron and Lego tipped over his classroom floor and tables. 


Miss Lucas had to clear up bird seed that had been knocked over and scattered across the classroom carpet. It really was a mystery.

Mrs Blanchard shared the photos across the year group in the Year 1 assembly so we saw the extent of the chaos across the year group.  We then heard about another finding in the glass corridor.  

An array of muddy prints outside, inside and up the window.  The children looked very carefully and decided that the prints were not all from the same animal.  Could it be that we'd had a 'break-in' over the weekend? 

Children spent the morning inspecting the clues and writing questions that they needed answering. 

Sensory walk with a Surprise!


The Year 1 children came to school with their wellies today, all ready for a sensory walk in the school grounds.  A beautiful map was delivered to the classrooms and we set off to follow the trail.


Following on from our work on senses last half-term, we focused on using our ears, eyes and feet to listen, see and feel all the different sensations as we made our way around the route.


The children used lovely descriptive language to describe the crunching leaves, the cold, wet spray, the deep, squelchy mud, the cracking, snapping branches and the cold, sparkling snow-covered trees.  The mood changed slightly when we approached the dark, gloomy cave... but after a sneak peek inside, the children were thrilled to find a friendly, hand-painted bear to finish our trail.

Lots of laughter, smiles and descriptive language as we returned to our classrooms to take off our muddy wellies. 

The children will be writing about the Bear Hunt and later on, creating their own adventure stories.

We can't wait to see what they produce.

November 2020