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Respecting Aspiring Persevering

Year 1

Hello again,

We have really enjoyed seeing and hearing about so much of the work that you have been doing at home. It’s good to know that many of you have also been learning to do really great things like riding bikes, cooking, water sports, growing flowers and vegetables, and finding out about local wildlife.

We have four weeks to go before the end of term – we know it has been a long time working at home, but keep going, you have done so well and we are very proud of you all.  To help you keep going we thought we’d give a reminder of how you might like to structure your day, and link into some of the Wake and Shake activities we are using in school. Remember, lots of fresh air and outdoor activities are really important too! Our topic maps provide ideas for activities that you can do over a couple of weeks and you can use them in the way that best suits you and your family. Keep watching out for the weekly Maths and phonics – there are more phonic videos and activities on Bug Club and Oxford Owls.

Don’t forget you can also use any of the links we have put on our website and the wealth of online teaching, e.g. Oak Academy, BBC Bitesize, that has been designed to support teachers and families at this time.  Keep enjoying your learning…..


You can use this structure each week if it helps:







Wake and Shake

Gonoodleget ready to shake, dance, jump and have lots of fun!

Oti Mabuse’s Boogiebeebies dance along as if you are on ‘Strictly’!

Joe Wickstune in live or use some of his previous workouts for children

Cosmic Kidsyoga moves in a story format

Gonoodleend the week with some more fun dancing and singing!


10 – 20 minutes a day using our weekly phonics work, or using Bug Club or Oxford Owls, Phonics Play or other phonic games


15-30 minutes a day.

As well as our daily White Rose Maths activities there are daily BBC Bitesize maths lessons, and other websites that offer a range of mathematical ideas and activities. 

Play some number games or practise numeral formation.


Alongside our other suggested activities you could try….

15-30 minutes a day.

Read, watch or listen to our story linked to our topic – look out for the links on our topic map. You could also use any of your favourite books at home for this.

Read or listen to the story again – can you join in any parts of it this time?  Can you use different voices for different characters?

How much of the story can you remember? Tell it to someone at home, or make your own puppet show of the story…

Draw a story map or write the story (you could make your own little book of it).  Think about what happens at the beginning, middle and end….

Make up your own story about another adventure had by one of the characters in the story or Write a review of the story and why you liked it.


10 -20 minutes a day

Bug Club provides lots of books you can read, with quiz questions you can answer too.  Don’t forget you can email your teacher when you need more books or have any problems with your login.  We would also love to hear if you have any favourite books at home.  Have you watched all the videos on our school website (Children: Video Resource Centre) of teachers reading some stories….which did you like best?


You may find afternoons work best for doing our Science, Art and Design, History and Geography activities.  Many of them are practical and can be done inside and outside.  Have fun!


Don’t forget to use your class email to share your work with your teachers – we love to see all your lovely learning at home.

Weeks 4, 5 & 6 (22nd & 29th June, 6th July)

  Keep looking back we still have more activities for you continuing on our Monsters and Giants theme, this term we will be thinking about habitats but we might need our imaginary snorkels to investigate under the sea...