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Keeping Healthy and Active


Looking after our physical and mental health will be vital over the coming weeks so here’s a couple of links with some fun ideas for all of the family:


Joe Wicks: Every morning at 9am the body coach will be hosting a live workout session for all the family on his YouTube Channel here
TwinklNEW Twinkl have teamed up with the body coach himself to design some quick, fun and easy home workouts. View them here

Weekly Food and Exercise Log - Download 
Wow Active Fitness Challenge Cards 2 here
PE Home Learning here 
Home Challenges NEW  Download

Charanga YUMU - Access to an Online Music Resource


Hello children and grown-ups,


I hope you are all making the most of the lovely weather we are having, as well as doing a little bit of fun learning when you can.


A simple activity that I love to do is to just sit by an open window, or out in my garden and just be very quiet and listen for one minute.  It’s surprising how many things you can hear.  Have a go… as I write I can hear my son sweeping the patio, the chicks in my garden, the neighbour’s children playing on their swing and a big bumble bee buzzing by…


We are going to be rolling out access to our online music resource called Charanga, Yumu.  Each child does need an individual login and password which I am currently setting up ready to be sent out.  I am starting with Hedeghogs Class in Year 1. If you are signed up to the school app you will receive a message with your login details in the next week or so. I will then carry on to do the rest of Year 1, 2 and then Reception.  Just keep an eye for your login.


Years 1 & 2 will have access to a unit called ‘Friendship Song’.  There is a lovely song to learn at home. I am really looking forward to then singing it all together when we return to school.  There are a range of songs to listen to with activities to help focus the children’s listening, E.g.  How the music makes them feel and the instruments they can hear. One of our favourite songs we sing in school is Bruno Mars’ Count on Me and that is on there for them to sing along to.


I recommend having a look at the Warm Up Games – number 1 is fun: the children listen for the pulse and move along with the animals on screen.  We also do a lot of copying rhythms in school.  They could show you how good they are at that with Warm up Game 2 where they listen to a rhythm and clap it back. 


Reception children will then be given access to a unit called Big Bear Funk. This features similar activities at their level.


Feel free to explore the resources. Any feedback please do let me know via the office. 


Enjoy and keep safe.


Mrs Wills