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Creature Teachers


This week we had a visit from a number of interesting creatures including snakes, owls, giant stick insects, pygmy hedgehogs, rats and millipedes. We found out lots of interesting facts and if we were feeling brave we could even touch them! An amazing experience for everyone!

Autumn Walk

Everyone in Reception enjoyed an Autumn Walk in the woods. We looked carefully all around us and collected all sorts of things to take back to the classroom. We used magnifying glasses to investigate everything we found. What can you spot?



We continued our topic with visits from superheroes in the community. We met members of the police force and the fire brigade and enjoyed trying on their uniforms! The school nurse also paid us a visit explaining how we would get weighed and measured. 

Our Superhero topic finally came to an end with an exciting party where we all dressed up!

Supertato and the Evil Pea


In Reception we have had a lot of fun reading about the adventures of Supertato and the Evil Pea. Here are a few of the things we have done...

Healthy Ted Came to Visit (Autumn Term 2018)


Today we had a visit from Healthy Ted and the School Nursing Team to learn about keeping healthy.


We talked about how important it is to drink lots of water, eat fruit and vegetables and have a good night’s sleep to stay healthy and be ready to learn.


Nurses Amy and Amy showed the children how they will be weighing them, measuring their height and testing their hearing using headphones during their time in reception.


All children listened so carefully, we were very proud of them.

Animal Adventures come to school!
Superheroes in the Community
We had a wonderfully entertaining visit from Jon the Fireman. He taught us all about how to keep ourselves safe and what to do if ever there was a fire in our house. We learnt the phrases, 'Get out! Stay out! Dial 999' and 'Matches, Lighters never touch, they can hurt you very much'. We listened to the story 'Francis the Firefly' and spoke about the importance of a working smoke alarm in your home.  The Kingfisher and Swallow classes were able to operate the fire hoses from the visiting fire engine however due to a callout the Robin and Wrens classes will hopefully do the same at a later date.

Musical workshops with Coda Music

Our Wonderful visit to Longdown Dairy Farm

Art Week in Reception


This year our inspiration for Art Week came from our topic on minibeasts. The children focused on a range of printing and painting techniques such as bubble printing, string block printing and the creation of painted textures to mention just a few. We looked carefully at the textures and patterns that we could see on different minibeasts and the children had lots of ideas of how to recreate these using different methods. There was also a fantastic opportunity to talk about the work of different artists such as that of Henri Matisse and Eric Carle.  The children were so proud of their finished pieces of art that were displayed in our school Art Exhibition!



Reception Teddy Bears' Picnic - Spring 2018


On Thursday the children in Reception all had fun at the Teddy Bears Picnic. In the morning we were all busy making marmalade sandwiches and chocolate crispie cakes. In the afternoon we all got together in the hall to share the food that we had made – some liked it more than others!

“I really like marmalade.” “It’s just like jam.” “It tastes like oranges”.

We hope that all the teddies had a fun day at school.

The Reception Team.

The Reception Teddy Bears' Picnic

Reception have had a busy term - please enjoy looking at all our learning!
We had fun guessing who was behind the costume on World Book Day!
Kingfishers have been learning about measuring.
Janet, our school nurse, visited to measure our height, sight and hearing.
Exploring puddles and ice!
Some of our children dressed up to make St David's day very special.
Kingfishers enjoyed independent writing on World Book Day.
Reception have been creating "family trees".
Look at all these amazing models and paintings we have made! Robins created a Collaborative Model linked to their story of the week (Lost and Found).
The children have been practising their balancing in gymnastics.
The children have had great fun in tennis, supported by our tennis coach, developing hand / eye co-ordination skills and sending and receiving the ball.
Look at our observational drawings of the beautiful daffodils outside our classrooms, linked to our theme of "Growing and Changing". (Spring has arrived!)
We have been learning about how plants grow and we are very clever at naming plant parts.
Swallows used a paint program on the computer to create these beautiful flowers.
We went on a Bear Hunt - we weren't scared!