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Spaceship landing


The Reception children had a surprise as they arrived at school today to find a spaceship had crash landed in the outdoor area.

Much discussion ensued about what had happened and how it had got there. Luckily, the crash landing had been captured on the school CCTV.

“I think it was the internet that had broken and then went haywire.”

“I can see a pipe, maybe that is where the fuel goes and the ship ran out.”

“Maybe we have to have another big look to see the alien and find footprints and then maybe the aliens are real.”

“ I  can see numbers 4446, I think it’s their number, aliens don’t have names, they have numbers.”

Inside there was a capsule containing a letter from an alien called Zoot. He introduced himself and asked the children if they would like to write to him.

Keep your eyes peeled Reception children because we think Zoot may still be in the school grounds…………….


Please visit the 'Video Resource' page on our website to see if you can find Zoot in the 'Unexpected Visitor' section.

Please see the letters below for some out of this world communication from Zoot!

Out of this world!


A truly cosmic grand finale to our Space topic took place today in EYFS, as all eyes gazed upwards to view the starry night of our visiting planetarium! 

Who would think that during the course of an hour, you could go on an expedition to the Moon, a voyage to the red planet Mars as well as touching down to get a taste of life on the International Space Station!

The children benefitted greatly from this interactive experience, consolidating and building on their knowledge of our Universe. It was a delight to hear the comments of the children ‘I liked to see all the stars making a pattern’ said one child as he remarked on the constellations.  Another child stated,  ’We learned that the moon is made of rock… not cheese!’

The Planetarium is a local based company called Science Dome, based in the Royal Arcade, Boscombe. It has lots of fun science learning on offer for young children that is worth checking out!  

For more information please visit