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Policies and Accounts

The name of the Designated Safeguarding Lead is:                        Mrs T Edwards

The names of the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are:        Mrs F Blanchard

                                                                                                       Mrs S Adeney

The name of the link Nominated Safeguarding Governor is:             Mrs V Green

The name of the Designated Teacher for Looked After Children is:   Mrs F Blanchard


For more information about safeguarding and child protection in school please click here. 



Policies cover every aspect of school life. 

Queen's Park Infant Academy is part of the Ocean Learning Trust. Membership of the Ocean Learning Trust means that many of our policies are now held at Trust level; these can be found on the Ocean Learning Trust Website.

If you cannot find something which you are looking for please don't hesitate to get in touch with our school office.  

Paper copies can be provided if required.


Trust Policies include:

OLT Finance Policy and Procedures, including Whistleblowing

HR Policies

OLT Complaints Policy

OLT Equal Opportunities Policy

OLT IT and Communications Policy

OLT Child Protection Policy; incorporating Safeguarding Policy, PREVENT Guidance and procedures for dealing with Allegations Against Staff and Volunteers. To view Ocean's Child Protection & Safeguarding policy please click on the following link 

OLT Data Protection Policy (GDPR) May18.pdf

OLT Privacy Notices - please click on this link.

  • Privacy Notice for Parents and Pupils - GDPR SG final.pdf
  • Privacy Notice for Directors, Suppliers and others - GDPR SG final.pdf
  • (Privacy notices for employees can be found on the OLT Intranet)

OLT H&S Policies

Finance Policy v2.2.pdf

  • Appendix 3: Charging and Remissions Policy
  • Appendix 4: Debt Management Policy
  • Appendix 5: Anti-Corruption & Bribery Policy


 Other Trust Policies

  • CCTV Policy.pdf
  • Consultancy Policy (GDPR) May18.pdf
  • Equality and Diversity Policy: pupils.pdf
  • Food Policy.pdf
  • H&S Policy v1.2 Jan2019.pdf
  • ICT Policy (reviewed for GDPR).pdf
  • Lettings Policy v1.2 Jan19.pdf
  • Reserves Policy v2.pdf
  • Risk Management Policy v1.2 Jan19.pdf
  • Whistleblowing Policy v1.2 Jan19.pdf



Queen’s Park Infant Academy’s policies are below: