Respecting Aspiring Persevering

Well Being Day - 3rd February 2021

A little bit of “expressing ourselves” in the Year 1 bubbles today…..we hope you have all taken some  time for yourselves today too.

This morning we reminded the children of The Colour Monster story and talked about feelings.  We then had a fun spinning wheel which randomly selected a child in the class who then told us how they were feeling today.  We shared some ideas of things we do that make us happy, or calm.  We've then been doing some activities in class that help us feel happy.   

The children have worked together to create a den.  They did acknowledge that at times it made them feel a little stressed and angry when it wouldn't stay up, but they persisted and created a lovely calm place for them to enjoy. Woven butterflies have taken time, but it's been lovely to sit and chat as we've created our wool butterflies. 

The children have access to the CD player and are enjoying choosing the type of music they'd like to listen to and how it makes them feel, including The Gummy Bear song which makes Finn feel silly 😁