Respecting Aspiring Persevering

Strange Happenings

Struck by lightening? A broken rocket booster? A crash landing?  Just a few of the explanations the children thought of to explain the strange discovery in the playground.  We shared the story Q Pootle 5 by Nick Butterworth which features the alien Q Pootle 5 who had a slight hitch on his way to his friend's moon party. Freya then decided that perhaps the playground discovery was actually the junk that the aliens cleared out of their blocked rocket booster!  Lots of imaginative ideas and great discussion.  


* Update: Mr Warriner sent us a video from the school CCTV that might explain the discovery in the playground this morning. Take a look at our video resource centre to see what he found.


Children worked on their number skills this morning.  Reception children had lots of fun working out sums on rockets and then flying them to the corresponding planet. Year 1 and 2 children were busy counting in groups of 2, practising their multiples forwards and backwards.  If you'd like to have a go at the lesson they did you can follow this link.


There is a new song for you to listen to in our Video Resource Centre which is sung by the children in school.  It's based on the story of Whatever Next!   


Our afternoon was a creative one.  The younger children made rockets that they could propel into the air with air blown through a straw.  The older children continued their work looking at the art of Peter Thorpe and today planned and then created their own pictures based on his style using oil pastels.