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Have you seen Goldilocks? Year 1 are very keen to find her!

You may already know all about this as I, and many other members of staff, have been stopped to hear all about the latest news in school.

Year 1 were shocked to discover that Goldilocks had visited our school unannounced on Wednesday, leaving a trail of evidence in her wake. The children arrived to find an area of  the school  taped off, half eaten porridge on a table and broken chairs! Using their detective skills they decided that the perpetrator must have been the yellow haired girl, Goldilocks.   


It has been a delight to hear the conversations this week amongst the children - all very excited about the happenings in school. " It's ok Mrs Edwards - its not real and the bears are only teddy bears - you don't need to worry " , in response to my feigned shock at the news.

Similarly in Bee Happy, our After School club,  Evie ( Year 2) was overheard to say to Alexis ( Year 1 ) , " You are going to love it in Year 1, you get to dress up for Victorian Day and you get to make figgy pudding".  What lovely encouragement! 

Mrs Edwards