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End of Term ..end of year 2019!


It hardly seems possible that our  children are preparing to move on, and yet what a lot we have crammed into this year!  When we asked the children about their memories , as they prepared to write their own reports, we had great fun recalling Wow days and trips, costumes we had worn, books we had read, topics we had explored, friends who had moved on or joined the school, learning we had it any wonder that the children are feeling a little tired as we reach the end of the school year!  We have greatly enjoyed sharing that learning journey with them, in partnership with yourselves, and your support as parents, grandparents and extended families is always valued by us.

Thank you !  We hope you have a wonderful Summer break, filled with lots more learning adventures of different sorts, and with the all-important rest and relaxation too. Thank you for all the gifts and kind messages.


Enjoy some photographs of the Year 2 end of year BBQ - enjoyed by all - including the members of the  PFA.

Happy holiday

Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Adeney and Mrs Bennett