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Buzzing at Blashford - Year 1 trips

As this beautiful week continues the Year 1 classes are taking in turns to visit Blashford Lakes nature reserve. It describes itself as a Patchwork of wildlife rich habitats, which, during the day the children explore. They get to be amongst nature and participate in a number of hands-on activities. In the meadow the children sit so that they are surrounded by the grasses and flowers. Just a couple of minutes sitting silent and still and we find ourselves surrounded by insects galore.  Damselflies glint in the sunshine, bees buzz by and the sound of crickets fills the air. Pond dipping allows the children to glance into the world below the water.  Amongst the pond weed many different species of pond-life lurk and with a few sweeps of our nets we transfer creatures to trays so that we can have a really good look before returning them to their own habitat. Across the bridge, the children pull on their wellies and go river wading. They disturb the river bed with their toes or a penguin waddle to see what wildlife they can catch in their nets.  Very refreshing in the shade after the heat of the day and always a favourite activity with the children.