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Awareness: Huggy Wuggy/Poppy Playtime - online game

Dorset Police have brought a game to our attention for awareness.


"Huggy Wuggy" is a character from a computer game called 'Poppy Playtime', which is a horror/survival game available on Steam.

There does not seem to be an age rating for 'Poppy Playtime' and there are multiple copycat versions available for young people to download on 'Roblox' and other app stores.  On 'YouTube' there are lots of game play videos of 'Poppy Playtime' and the 'Huggy Wuggy Song', which is about hugging you until you pop.


It is unsuitable for young children.  Videos of the 'Poppy Playtime' game play are NOT filtered out by Google Safe Search or YouTube restrictions.  Please be aware that some game play videos are available on 'YouTube Kids'.