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Respecting Aspiring Persevering

Another wonderful day at Blashford Lakes.

The adventures come to an end...

Jim, the ranger, commented on the last day of Year 1 visits,  how polite and well-behaved the Queens Park Infant Academy children had been all week, and how respectful of all the wildlife they had been. We were truly amazed, and in awe, at the wonderful variety of wildlife that we saw.

We were very fortunate to get to see the moths from the moth trap, where they are kept safe during the day before being released again at night. The amazing camouflage of some of the moths provided the perfect illustration for all that we had been learning about camouflage in school.

Being the Otters class, Jim went and found something special for us to see....not a real live otter but what it leaves behind after eating!! Ask the children - they even got to sniff it and discovered that otter droppings do not smell unpleasant!

At the end of the day the children were overheard saying things like,

"We can't go yet - we've only just got here!"

" I wish we could start the day again!" (Cameron)

"I wish we could travel back in time to have this day again."

"I wish our school was nearer so we could come here every week." (Alfie)

"I didn't think I would catch anything, but I did."

"I didn't catch anything in the pond at first but then I caught a baby newt." (Isabelle)

"The moths were awesome."

"I loved wading in the river, I could do it all day!"


The children will be bringing home leaflets from Blashford Lakes, and there is a website. It is open to the public and there are beautiful walks through the woods and around lakes. Dogs are not allowed in the Nature Reserve but it is well worth a visit. It is just off the main road to Salisbury - check the website first as it is not signed off the main road. A hidden gem.