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School Clubs

Extra Curricular Activities

The Hobby Clubs - for Year 2 children are on Thursdays from 3.15 to 4.15 pm. Our school staff organise after school clubs for five week sessions in the Autumn and Summer Terms, in which they share hobbies and interests with the children. Some of the club activities for 2016 -17 have included; hockey, drumming, art and sewing.

Here is the Art club in action working in the style of the Artist Alberto Giacometti:



Information about the Clubs is sent to families at the beginning of each academic year. Families who join the school during the year should ask at the school office for details.

At the moment our After School Activities are only open to our Year 2 children – this ensures that all children have an opportunity to join a club as they progress through the school. We are always looking for ways to open these very popular clubs to more children - parents who are interested in helping at any of the clubs, or in sharing their hobbies with the children are very welcome to join us.


Fun French Club

There is a French group that runs twice a week after school, which is open to all the children. If you are interested in this, booking is only available online via the website:

Look for your child’s school and press: BOOK HERE

Dance Clubs

There are also two Dance clubs for Key Stage 1 – at the beginning of each term, information is sent home to Parents.

Bee Happy After School Club

Please see the separate page on our web site for information about our After School Club.

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club, which is held in Queen’s Park Academy (Junior School) before morning school, is available for a small charge. Infant children who attend Breakfast Club are taken to the Junior School by their parents, and are brought over to the Infant School by the Club staff ready for the start of morning school. Please contact QPA (01202 526079) for details.